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Sep 11, 2022

Creative Mode + Updates

Creative Mode + Updates

Hey Everyone! It's officially been 1 week since the launch of the TwistMC Network! Throughout this week our team has made a lot of upgrades and mini updates including Rebalances, Bug Fixes and a complete rework of the CREATIVE Twist!

Creative Mode Rework

Updated interfaces, timers and rebalanced a few overpowered items!

  • Removed Bedrock, Obsidian, Ender Chests, Notch Apples, Strength Potions and Iron Golems.
  • Removed Instant Breaking Blocks while in Creative Mode
  • Creative Mode lasts for double the time (20 Seconds)
  • Added Creative Mode Timer Formatting
  • Added Title Screen Countdown for the final 3 seconds until Creative or Survival is Active

Lobby Updates + Bug Fixes

Lobby Related Features & Fixes

  • Fixed Queuing for Doubles while in a party
  • Optimized Queuing time for game servers
  • Added /fly in lobbies for Pro + Rank
  • Fixed various memory leaks, and optimized machines to reduce lag

In-Game Updates + Bug Fixes

In-Game Related Features & Fixes

  • Added Resources in Chat on Kill
  • Added (You) next to your team in the scoreboard
  • Added HP messages for bow shots on an enemy
  • Added Ender Pearl Sound
  • Lowered Sound Volume for Shopkeepers
  • Updated Purchase Sound in Shopkeepers
  • Updated Failed to Purchase Sound in Shopkeepers
  • Fixed Shears not being purchasable
  • Fixed Team Chests not opening when a team is eliminated
  • Fixed Beds sometimes not spawning
  • Fixed TNT Jumping
  • Removed TNT & Fireball Jumping Lag back
  • Removed experience on any mob Kill
  • Fixed YouTube Rank formatting in leaderboards
  • Random Blocks Twist - Removed Glass Panes
  • Grapple Twist - Limits Grapples to 1 Purchase (that stays after death)
  • Added /map - Lists Current Map name in-game.