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Staff will enforce these rules on the TwistMC Discord & Minecraft Server

Respect All Members of the Community

Discrimination, racism, sexism, homophobia or general toxicity of any kind is NOT tolerated on the TwistMC Network. All players are welcome here, so make sure to treat everyone on the network the way you would want to be treated.

Cheating & Boosting

Cheating or hacking of any kind on the network is bannable. This ruins the fun for all players, any form of cheating, hacking, auto-clicking or boosting is strictly prohibited. If you find a player doing any of these things make sure to report them using the in game /report system as this notifies our staff team to resolve the issue!

Offensive, Explicit or Inappropriate Content

Remain friendly to one another and keep swearing to a minimum, it is up to the staff team to decide upon punishment on a case by case basis. Offensive Language targeted to specific community members will be punished and this will be judged by frequency and severity of the language.

Targeting & Sniping

Specifically ruining a specific player or team's experience on the network is STRICTLY prohibited. Do not go out of your way to eliminate a team or hinder their gaming experience because they are a Content Creator or Recognized Community or Staff Member. TwistMC is a Content Creator Owned network and this is taken very seriously as the primary purpose of the network is to create content.

Cross Teaming

Cross Teaming is not allowed on the TwistMC Network. Cross Teaming is working with another player or team that is not on your team to eliminate or attack one team without attacking one another. To avoid being accused of Cross Teaming, wait until fights are finished before joining in or equally attack all teams involved in a PVP encounter. Also, if you are looking to play a "Chill Game" join a Private Game with your friends, not a public game as this ruins the experience for regular players!

Glitches & Exploits

Do not abuse glitches to boost your stats on the network. Our community is naturally very talented at finding bugs and breaking things... thanks Zyph. If you find a bug, report it in the #reports channel of our discord server. Once a bug is reported, do not continue to abuse the bug. Our development team will do their best to fix these bugs as soon as possible, turnaround time is dependent on the severity of game impact that a bug has. Also if we notice that you consistently find new bugs you may be invited to become a "Tester" to find these bugs before a new game mode is released!


Do not advertise other server networks, random online websites, or YouTube channels. This will result in punishments based on frequency, severity, and intention of advertising. The only exception to this rule is if a member of the community directly asks a "YouTube" rank what their channel is.

Spamming or Flooding

Do not spam or flood messages on the network. It is unnecessary and is annoying to all players. Say your message once as everyone is able to read and chat equally If you notice you are a majority of the active chat then allow others to speak. There are automatic spam and flood filters on the network which also apply to commands.

English Language in Chat

Speak in English in the chats as this allows our Staff team to moderate all messages on the network. Over time we will have a more diverse staff team allowing us to moderate other languages. Thank you for understanding!

Use Common Sense

Do not break any obvious rules that aren't listed here. If you have to question "Is this allowed?" it most likely isn't. Respect other community members and the integrity of the game.

For a more in depth breakdown of exact punishments look at the #rules channel in our discord server!