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Sep 25, 2023

Social Update

Social Update

Social Update

We've created several new ways for players to talk to each other and play together... or completely avoid one another! This comes as part of the fully reworked /party, /friend, /ignore, & /message systems!

Party System

  • The party system has a lot of room for customization depending on who you are playing with or what game mode you are trying to play. Do /party or /party help to view this list of commands in game!

As more game modes are added to TwistMC this party system will become more and more useful depending on the size of teams for various games. A lot of these commands will be familiar to most players but here are a few adjustments to these commands that work differently on TwistMC:

  • /party mute <player> allows you to mute specific players in a party instead of muting the entire party.
  • /party mute without a player specified will still mute the entire party.
  • /party ban <player> bans a player from joining your party while it is open.
  • When a party is disbanded the /party ban list will be cleared! /ignore a player to permanently ban them

When queueing a game you are allowed to join with a maximum party size of one full team (to avoid crossteaming or boosting).

Friend System

  • The friend system lets you keep track of friends that you frequently play or communicate with, add new friends or remove inactive friends!
  • The friend list will track when friends are online or offline and what game mode or lobby they might be in!
  • If you want your status to be hidden from your friends use ./friend status busy or if you want to turn it off use ./friend status online (feature is for Pro Rank+)

Ignore System

  • The ignore system lets you avoid talking to specific players.
  • Ignoring players will disallow that player from joining your open parties, sending invites, messages, or friend requests being sent from them to you!

Message System

  • Use /message <player> <message> to directly message any player with messages enabled on the server!

Patch 0.3.3

  • Fixed Daily Quests (Quests & Rewards NPC)
  • Fixed Auto-Claim (Quests & Rewards NPC)
  • Hypixel Quick-Buy Sync will now permanently work
  • Fixed Beds not being broken when players leave
  • Fixing tab ranks sometimes not loading in pre-game lobby

Patch 0.3.4

  • Added NEW reformatted Tab where all stats are tracked
  • Added NEW reformatted Scoreboard
  • Reformatted Bed Destruction
  • Reformatted Team Eliminated message
  • Fixed infinite force vote glitch
  • Fixed voting message where you couldn't vote but it still sent the message
  • Fixing tab ranks sometimes not loading in pre-game lobby... again
  • Fixed seeing players in other games in tab
  • Attempted to stop the spam eliminated disconnect message
  • Added all custom items to admin menu for Zyph
  • Slightly lowered vertical fireball Knockback!

Patch 0.4.2

  • Fixed servers breaking (Inverted Twist)
  • Fixed trap queue not showing purchased traps
  • Fixed duos acting like solos
  • Fixed Temp-Chestplate allowing protection upgrades (Bedwars Plus)
  • Fixed half heart bug in Chaos Twist

Patch 0.4.3

  • Fixed teams being skipped on game start
  • Allow partied players to be on the same team in duos
  • Update system to be in sync with new proxy
  • Bedwars star formatting fixes across the network
  • New /friend system
  • New /party system
  • New /ignore system