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Aug 19, 2022

Bedwars 1.0

Bedwars 1.0

The Basics

Bedwars is a game mode where there are a variety of teams all fighting to be the last team standing. Break each enemy team's bed and eliminate the remaining players to win!

TwistMC Bedwars takes what you love about regular Bedwars and takes it to another level, through the addition of Custom Twists, Maps, and Items!


Click each Twist for more details about gameplay, custom items and how they work!

Buyable Hearts
  • Health is Purchasable!
  • The Heartbreaker - Removes 5 Enemy Hearts Per Bow Shot (3 Emeralds for 3 Uses)
  • Heart - Gives 1 heart per use (3 Gold)
  • The Gambler - Randomly Gives between 20 and -5 Hearts (3 Emeralds for 1 Use)

  • Every Item Category is Random!
  • Each category has an average price that then gives you a random item from that category within it!
  • Blocks and Tools cost iron. (16 Iron for Blocks & 15 Iron for Tool Upgrades)
  • Weapons, Armor and Utilities cost gold. (7 Gold for Weapons, Armor Upgrades for 12 Gold & 4 Gold for Utilities)
  • Potions and Health cost emeralds!

  • Bed Defenses Change upon Death!
  • Each kill will upgrade your bed defense while each death will downgrade it.
  • Tier Order: Bedrock ­čí¬ Obsidian ­čí¬ End Stone ­čí¬ Wood Plank ­čí¬ Clay ­čí¬ Glass ­čí¬ Wool ­čí¬ Air

Custom Potions
  • Custom Drinkable & Splash Potions!

7 Emeralds

  • Flight Potion (Allows you to Fly for 30 Seconds)

5 Emeralds

  • Strength Potion (Strength II for 30 Seconds)

3 Emeralds

  • Regeneration Potion (Regeneration II for 30 Seconds)
  • Peace Potion (No Damage Dealt or Taken for 30 Seconds)
  • Yeet Potion (Deals Jump Boost 50 for 30 Seconds)
  • Grandma Potion (Deals Splash Slowness 10 for 30 Seconds)
  • Rat Potion (Spawns 10 Silverfish Instantly)

  • Creative mode Every 2 minutes!
  • Custom Creative Mode is Activated for 10 Seconds (every 2 minutes) by Clicking the Blaze Powder in the inventory! All items in the Custom Creative GUI are FREE, so get them quick!
  • In the bottom left corner of the Custom Creative GUI there is a "Favorites" Menu that allows you to save your frequently used items between games! Just right click any item in the creative inventory to add it as a favorite!
  • In the bottom right corner there is a "Search" Menu that allows you to filter the main pages of the Custom Creative GUI by typing in the name of the Item you are looking for!
  • Also when in Creative Mode, you won't be able to fly but you can break ANY block (including bedrock) extremely fast!
  • All items in creative mode will start off enabled and to change the meta of the Creative Twist we will frequently adjust which items are disabled to force players to play in unique ways!

  • Blocks Disappear over time!
  • 30 Seconds after the game begins, the world will begin to decay.
  • All solid blocks will slowly decay throughout the game, the only blocks safe from disappearing are non-solid blocks such as glass, fence posts, protected areas (spawn points, generators, shopkeepers etc.) and blocks placed by players!

  • Bridge like a Hacker!
  • Every life you will receive a Scaffold Wand, it will place blocks wherever you look and will use the blocks in your inventory to build the bridge.
  • When left clicked it will toggle on Blocks being placed.
  • When left clicked again it will toggle off Blocks being placed.

God Weapons
  • God Bows & God Swords Rotate!
  • Every 30 Seconds a God Weapon will be given to one random player in the game!
  • Each God Sword or Bow has 5 Specific Tiers. Tier 1 is the Weakest version of the God Weapon.
  • While, if your enemy gets a Tier 5 God Weapon... I'd recommend you RUN!

  • Swing like Spiderman!
  • The Grapple costs 5 Gold to purchase permanently and it costs 1 gold per use (keep gold in your inventory).

Random Blocks
  • Build with Randomized Blocks!
  • Every wool block that is placed will be converted into any random block...
  • Use this wide variety of blocks to make unique bridges, bed defenses and strategies!

OP Enchants
  • Tiered Buyable Enchants!
  • Tier 1 Enchantment - Will give 1 Lower Tier Enchant
  • Tier 2 Enchantments - Will give 2 Middle Tier Enchants
  • Tier 3 Enchantments - Will give 3 Higher Tier Enchants
  • Enchants will be applied to whichever item is in your hand when you purchase the Tiered Enchantment Book in the "Twist Items" category of the shopkeeper (glow stone dust)


- Every Weapon has Knockback X!

  • All Melee Weapons deal Knockback X and all Bows will act like Punch X Bows and send players Flying! (stacks with previous levels of Knockback & Punch)

Boom Bow
  • Shoot Explosive Arrows!
  • Boom Bow - All Arrows Explode Upon Impact and Deal damage to Players
  • Arrows also destroy the map when they explode, can be used to break down walls, tunnel or creatively attack your enemy!

  • Blocks Disappear where you walk!
  • Bridge Fast! All blocks disappear behind you!