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Dec 8, 2023

Nickname Update

Nickname Update

Nickname Update

The long awaited /nick command is finally here! This is for well known players, staff members, or creators to be able to disguise themselves in the lobby and in game! Head over to store.twistmc.net to purchase Plus Rank to have access to this command!

The Nickname Menu

  • When creating a Nickname to disguise yourself this menu will appear with each button having a specific purpose in customizing your own nickname disguise!

  • The Nether Star allows a player to select a "FAKE" Star # to disguise with. This can range anywhere from 1 - 200 Stars.
  • The Name Tag allows the player to select a nickname! For Plus Rank players this username is randomized, while for YouTube Rank players this username can be manually added OR randomly selected.
  • The Skull allows you to choose from over 100+ Unique Skins to disguise as.
  • The Diamond allows you to select your rank while disguising, you will be allowed to nickname as any rank lower than your own!
  • The Command Block is a faster way to nickname, when selecting this item it will randomize everything in the other categories for you to be able to use ./nick much faster.

All players will only be able to use /nick while in the lobby. Plus Rank players' nicknames will be shown once that player is in game, while YouTubers & Staff will be fully disguised while in the lobby as well.